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A2Z Driving School

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Student Expulsion Policy

A2Z Driving School is committed to taking all reasonable steps to ensure students have the opportunity to successfully complete their studies. The College maintains a professional environment and all students and staff are treated fairly and equitably. Students who do not support the academic and ethical standards of the College may be suspended or expelled for inadequate performance and unacceptable actions.


The College will attempt to resolve situations amicably. However, A2Z Driving School will not tolerate actions that risk the integrity, safety or well being of students, staff, visitors, or guests of the College. Verbal and written warnings will be issued when deemed necessary. Further actions, including suspension and expulsion, will be applied at the College’s discretion. 


The following outlines the conditions under which a student may be expelled with cause:  


  1. Academic Dishonesty – Students may be subject to immediate expulsion at the discretion of the Campus Director for academic dishonesty. Academic dishonesty is any word, action or deed performed alone, or with others for the direct or indirect intention of providing an unfair advantage or benefit to self or other student(s), including:
  1. cheating
  2. plagiarism
  3. unapproved collaboration
  4. alteration of records
  5. bribery
  6. lying
  7. misrepresentations
  8. use of aids which have not been expressly permitted
  9. theft or solicitation of another student’s assignments or papers, unadministered tests, or other academic work and/or material
  10. intentionally helping or attempting to help another student to commit any act of academic dishonesty


  1. Outstanding Fees – Failure to pay tuition or other fees due to the College within the specified period is ground for expulsion and students may be expelled if overdue accounts are not paid after the College has provided written warning.


  1. Misconduct – The College expects mature and professional behaviour on the part of its students both in school and while attending college related activities off campus including respect for peers and the learning environment; keeping the school clean and the work areas tidy; not engaging in malicious actions towards the College, staff members, students or property; and not engaging in any action that is disruptive, unethical, unlawful or contrary to the best interest of the College and the training environment. The following acts of misconduct will not be tolerated:


  1. Acts of dishonesty, including but not limited to:
  1. Giving false information to any official, Instructor, or staff member
  2. Forgery, alteration, or misuse of any College document, record, or instrument of identification
  3. Computer piracy – Copying software, copyright infringement, and unauthorized computer entry
    1.  Disruption of teaching, administration, disciplinary proceedings, and other College activities.
    2.  Physical abuse, verbal abuse, threats, intimidation, harassment, including but not limited to, sexual harassment, coercion and/or other conduct which threatens or endangers the health or safety of any person.
    3. Attempted or actual theft of and/or damage to property of the College, a staff member, other students, or public property.
    4. Unauthorized possession, duplication, or use of keys to any College premises, or unauthorized entry to or use of College property.
    5. Use, possession, or distribution of controlled substances (e.g. drugs and alcohol), except as permitted by law.  
    6.  Illegal or unauthorized possession of any weapon(s) on College premises or College-sponsored activities.
    7. Conduct which is disorderly, lewd, or indecent; breach of peace; or aiding, abetting, encouraging, or inducing another person to engage in misconduct.
    8.  The use of profane language, rowdiness, fighting, or other disturbances on College property or at College-sponsored activities.


  1. Significant Omissions or Errors in Admissions Documentation – Students who knowingly or in error misrepresent their applications are subject to immediate expulsion.


  1. Academic Failure – Students who fail to achieve the required academic standing in their programs may be expelled from the program. The College may at its discretion offer alternatives to a student depending on their program of study.


  1. Attendance – Students who are absent from class for more than five consecutive days for any reason may be subject to expulsion.


  1. Harassment or Discrimination – Students participating in harassing or discriminatory activities are subject to suspension pending investigation. Expulsion is mandatory for any student who is deemed by the investigation to have engaged in harassing or discriminatory activities.  


  1. Misuse of College Property – Students, who damage, misuse, steal or otherwise use the property in a way that is prohibited may be expelled and will be required to make restitution.


  1. Endangerment of Staff or Students – Students who by action or neglect in any way endanger the safety of themselves or others may be expelled.



Students who are expelled for any reason will be notified in writing, either hand delivered or by registered mail. The College is not responsible for non-delivery by registered mail if the student has not provided a valid home address where the student currently resides. The notification will contain a description of the basis for expulsion and the effective date.


Appeal Procedure

Expelled students who dispute the facts of the expulsion must appeal the decision within five days of the notification. Students must provide sufficient proof to support the dispute. A review decision will be made within five business days of receipt of the appeal paperwork and the student will be notified accordingly. Students who file an appeal and are unsuccessful are considered withdrawn from the College. 



A student who is expelled by the College will be considered withdrawn from their program on the effective date of the expulsion. The College will officially withdraw the student and the student’s account will be resolved as per the refund policy outlined in the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 and its regulations.